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In order to change any behavior we need three things: to realize we are behaving that way, why we are behaving that way, and to become aware of alternatives.

Through this blog I want to offer some different viewpoints and question if the way we think now is still serving us.

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  • Hide Self View

    Hide Self View

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    The Hide Self View function in Zoom allows you to hide your own webcam in meetings. This is not just a practical solution, but also a powerful metaphor for what we can do to bring some more peace into our minds and lives.Read More »
  • Everything Is (part of) One (system)

    Everything Is (part of) One (system)

    We live in a world where everything relies on everything else to define itself. Everything is part of an intricate system of interconnectedness. Everything is interdependent and cannot exist alone. We humans are no exception.Read More »
  • The Habit of “I have”

    The Habit of “I have”

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    All of our suffering (except for physical pain) comes from identification. Identifying ourselves with something. The identification makes us so attached to who we tell ourselves we are, that if any of that diminishes or falls away, we go into suffering. We feel so attached to these beliefs of who …Read More »
  • From Good To Great

    From Good To Great

    It’s the age-old struggle between generalists and specialists. Which one is better? Is it better to be mediocre to good at a lot of things, or exceptional at one thing? In the end, it is all about your goals and continuous improvement.Read More »
  • Taking the Blame versus Taking Responsibility

    Taking the Blame versus Taking Responsibility

    We often get blame and responsibility mixed up, which leads to a very disempowering belief: “if we take responsibility for something, we also admit that we are to blame for it.” This is, of course, not always true, but more importantly, it’s irrelevant.Read More »