Who am I?

Ramana Maharshi’s well-known question. A question I will continue to ask myself as well. I believe that who we are, in the conventional sense, is dynamic and ever-changing. So let me answer this; who am I, at this moment?

I am a student.
I am a coach.
I am a traveler.
I am an optimist.
I am a language lover.
I am a global citizen.
I am a plant-based foodie

and lots more…

Through this blog, I would love to share my thoughts on the things I have learned, as well as the things I am currently learning. I hope to give you some new insights and maybe even inspire you to ask (yourself) some questions.

For my work, I coach people and I figured if the things I say can help one person, why not share them online and maybe reach out to more people.

– Pasqual