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…and why it took so long to appear on the interwebs.

I think when we write, we put a part of our being, our soul, onto a page. This is probably why it feels like it’s never good enough to publish. If someone were to criticize our blog post, that must mean they are criticizing us as a person, our identity and this, in turn, must mean that consequentially we ourselves are not good enough.

This is of course not true.

Noticing my thread

After some introspection and questioning why things were how they were in my life I found there was actually one thing running like a thread through my entire existence: language. By this I mean language in the broadest form. By looking back, I saw that it manifested itself in different ways:

  • as a kid I used to write stories, using language in words to express my creativity and let out the stories that I constructed in my mind.

  • I have been speaking English (my second language) since I was 6 or 7 years old. I watched cartoons as any other kid, but for some reason, I watched them in English instead of Dutch.

  • In high school, I first got in touch with other foreign languages and was fascinated by them. This caused me to eventually study International Business and Languages in college.

  • While living abroad in Spain with a few hundred other people from all over the world, I learned that language is not what separates us, but what connects us. We were all there to learn Spanish. I also developed a deep belief that learning about other cultures and learning their language are so intertwined, that they are mutually inclusive.

  • I have also always preferred to read books in their original language instead of a translation because I feel an author’s words are like a painter’s colors; changing them changes the entire painting to something it was not intended to be. This is why I am drawn to writing in English.

  • In my current career, I got in touch with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and was (and still am) completely fascinated by it. I decided this is something I want to work with. No surprise that the L stands for Linguistic.

All of these made it clear to me that language, words, communication have always been a part of me, no matter what stage of my life I was in. However, I also realized I never made a conscious choice about this. It was just there. It was there in the child that was merely playing and expressing himself and it is still there in the adult who uses it at work in the form of coaching and presenting.

Embracing my purpose

If it was always there, it must be part of something bigger than myself. Realizing this, I then noticed a sudden and decisive need to embrace this newfound sense of purpose. This is what pushed me over the edge to finally publish my blog, even though I already had a bunch of (partially) completed posts sitting in the “Drafts” section for months now.

I realized the best way to go about doing this is just to write for myself. Get my thoughts, insights and ponderings on a page. Of course I would love it if I can pay that forward and have these help you on your own journey of growth, introspection and becoming more conscious about (and thus able to change) those patterns that are no longer serving you. However, my main goal of writing changed, from whatever it was, to:

writing for the sake of writing, because it’s just what I’m supposed to be doing.

Another thing I realized is how wonderful it is to not undertake a quest like this by myself, but to be able to share it with a potentially limitless amount of people out there, dealing with the same questions, issues and insights in their lives as I am. You can see this blog as two things:

  1. as my personal journey as a writer in which I am taking you all along for the ride. Using language in the form of the written word to share, inspire and grow together.

  2. as a source of information, insights and questions aimed at challenging our fixed ways of thinking and looking at situations by shining the light of consciousness on them and facilitating positive change in this way. Or in the very least ask ourselves some questions that were never asked before.

Thank you for joining me.

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  1. Sugandh Chauhan

    Wonderful!!! Looking forward to more of your posts😍

  2. Burak

    I’m impressed, very nice done!! Looking forward for more 😎

  3. Loui

    Love it! On to the next one 📃✒

  4. Surbhi Chauhan

    Impressive! LOVED IT!

  5. Arvind

    Very Impressive…. Keep it UP!!

  6. Yvette

    Great writing!! Very exited to read the next one!! 👌

  7. Linda

    Absolutely great! Keep up the inspiring work!

  8. Lieke

    Writing for yourself. The best thing you can do, because it showcases your inner and authentic voice. I understand the journey and love to read about your experience. Thank you for publishing it!

  9. Charlotte Rowley

    this is so inspiring, i have just started my own blog myself and i will definitely be remembering some of what you have said

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